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Welcome to my blog. My name is Kenny and my weird hobby is collecting artisan keycaps and succulents. I’ll be sharing photos and information about them, along with other dope shit from my life.

For those of you who don’t know what artisan key caps are, they are small pieces of art that are hand-made by many different artisans in the mechanical keyboard community (Geekhack.org, reddit.com/r/mechanicalkeyboards). I started using a mechanical keyboard in 2013. The cool thing about these, besides the fact that they are so much more enjoyable to type on than the regular old rubber dome keyboards you see at work or school (you know.. the ones that feel like you’re typing on keys attached to mud), is that you can customize them from top to bottom:

This is my Poker, with GMK Dolch modifiers, IMSTO PBT Green Dyesubs alphas, a Clack Factory Gumrot Ogre, a custom wooden case made by Nubbinator from Geekhack, and Ergo Clear 62g switches.

Here are some of my other artisan caps:

Clack Factory – Night Owl MKII, Whippet and Scotopic Clack Skull

Bro Caps – Ribbit V2

Bro Caps – Blackenberry Reaper V1, under backlight

Those are just a few of the many caps I have. I’ll make some posts detailing all of my caps over time.

Catch you later,