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First Succulent Arrangement

I made my first succulent arrangement on Saturday (06-MAY-17) after scoping out the local Orchard Supply Garden center. I used a 50/50 mix of Cactus Mix and Perlite from E.B. Stone. I got 5 new succulents, but felt that it needed to be filled out a little more so I took two of my other little succulents that have been growing on their own.


Above is the haul.

Succulent names from top left in clockwise order:

  • Senecio Jacobsenii – ‘Trailing Jade’
  • Aloe – ‘Bright Star’
  • Echeveria Lola
  • Sedum Rubrotinctum – ‘Aurora’
  • Sempervivum – ‘Hens and Chicks’

I had to fill her out with more succulents since it felt empty, so I also added a baby Sedum Morganium – ‘Burro’s Tail’ (top right) and another Sempervivum (bottom right).

We rewarded ourselves at the end with some homemade Kimchijiggae with pork belly.